Examples of Parental Alienation, conclusion

by admin on October 8, 2010

The preceding examples are not inclusive of all the alienating behaviors that are out there, but they should provide an example of the wide variety of techniques that one parent has used to alienate a child from another parent.  If you have more, drop us a note and we’ll try to include it.

Remember, the courts generally care about two things and just about everything else is fair game:  child support and physical violence.  Besides a bias against men – which is slowly being eroded – the main reason is those two items are clear and well defined:  either you paid or didn’t pay.  Either there is a police report and physical evidence or there isn’t.   The courts do not care about subtlety if they can avoid it.  The Judges don’t have time to deal with anything that isn’t blatant.  Many Judges are not informed how subtle parental alienation can be.  Unfortunately, many Judges also do not care to take the time to become informed.  Thankfully, as people become aware of the issue, Judges will no longer be able to ignore the obvious.

Family law and Family Courts rely on cooperation, so often the alienator cooperates to the extent required, and more on the surface while doing many things that the court and the Target will not detect.

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