Examples of Parental Alienation, part 2

by admin on October 8, 2010

If you say things like this to your children prior to them leaving your house to go to your ex’s, you are alienating:
“I love you, be safe.”
“I love you, be careful.”
“I love you, it will be okay.”
What is wrong with those?  They all subtly say, that the kid has reason to think they won’t be safe, or careful, or that there is some reason it shouldn’t be okay.

This is too subtle for Judges and Experts who are not conscientious and diligent to pick up on.  Even if experts do, the Judges are often too busy to take it seriously.

The alienating parent will say: “It is just nonsense, I am fully supportive of their mother/father.  What is wrong with wanting them to be safe?”  Absolutely nothing is wrong with wanting them to be safe, but you are planting in their heads that there is a reason why you believe that they would not be safe. Some Attorney’s may take it seriously but probably not at this stage and even if they do, a Court that has not been educated with respect to the topic will not.

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