Examples of Parental Alienation, part 3

by admin on October 8, 2010

If your ex takes them to a movie, plays video games with them, plays on the computer, plays a board game or anything indoors, do you mention how they are being lazy?  This messes with the relationship with your ex because after repeating enough, the kids will begin to lose enjoyment because they think are being lazy even if there is balance there.  If you have two or more kids, eventually they will begin to use the “lazy” pejorative while fighting with each other and start calling each other lazy for doing it.
If your children enjoy playing in the pool or beach with your ex, do you harp on the dangers of sun damage without sunscreen?  Do you say things like, “Remind your mom to put sunscreen on you” with a bit of a reprimand in your voice.  The child will wonder why Dad/Mom doesn’t think the other parent is competent.  Do you say, “do you want to get wrinkles from the sun?”  It puts a negative cast over their outdoor activities with the other parent.  And, as above, the siblings will pick up on it when arguing.

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