Examples of Parental Alienation, part 4

by admin on October 8, 2010

Fanning the flames of parental alienation
Whenever there is a difference of opinion, do you fan the flames, but do it in the guise of being supportive?  For example, suppose your ex insists the kids eat their vegetables, do you commiserate with them ?  “Well, I didn’t like <vegetable> either.”  This undermines your ex and increases your stock.
If your ex is talking to them about an issue, do you say “well, it is only natural that girls want to talk to their mom more” [if you are the mom] or “it is only natural that girls and their moms butt heads more as teenagers” [if you are the dad].  The stereotypes go both ways, but each undermines the child’s relationship with the other parent.
Gestures and Facial Expressions
Whenever you see your ex, do you scowl or act hurt, even if you were the one who cheated?  You do not have to say anything, but if you put it on your face, the kids pick up on it and you are alienating.
Have you ever flipped your ex off when the kids don’t see?  If it is brought up, you make a joke about it and say you were just giving the “princess wave.”  Then lie about doing it if the kids ask.  Thereafter, continue give the “princess wave” whenever you say goodbye.  This emphasizes that your ex was lying about it – even though you were – and drives a wedge between the kids and your ex. This is alienating – this was lifted right from a case of parental alienation.

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