Examples of Parental Alienation, part 5

by admin on October 8, 2010

“Buying your Love”
Your ex gets them a present or takes them to Disney.  There are plenty of things to say, that are alienating which you should avoid.
Things such as: “You can’t buy love.”  You ex gets your kids Juicy sweat pants?  You say “With a big ‘Juicy’ on the butt?” while making it clear you don’t approve.  Even if it isn’t there, you are driving a wedge in there.  And what can your ex really say?  Of course you can’t buy love, and it isn’t want a trip or gift is about, it is about fun and doing stuff with your children.  But you have planted the doubt in there that the ex is really trying to buy their love which reduces their pure enjoyment of the time with your ex.  This is a perfect example of parental alienation.

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