Examples of Parental Alienation, part 7

by admin on October 8, 2010

Attack the town, city or neighborhood.
This often comes up in parental alienation cases.  The alienator attacks where the Target lives.  For example:
People in <wherever your ex lives> are stuck up/trash/bitches/fools etc.  Repeat it long enough and it will increase the children’s dependence on the alienator and inhibit friendships.  If there is a fight between your kids and their friends at Target’s house – and you know all kids have arguments – use it as an example of your point.  If there is someplace where your child feels comfortable, do you make sure to stir up trouble among friends, particularly if your ex is well-liked and accepted there.  For example, work on increasing divisions among friends.  If there is an argument there, refer to the other group as “<person’s> posse.”  This makes that group a “them” and not an “us.”  Do you not encourage them to work out any disagreement, decreasing their reliance on their friends at Target’s house to increase their reliance on you?  If the friends are in your ex’s area and it is distinct enough from your area, do you disparage your ex’s area?  This decreases the number of friends they will make their because they’ll begin to see the area through your prism.  A decrease in the number of friends will decrease the reasons they would want to go to your ex’s and increase the reasons to be “home”.

Each example above is parental alienation at its worst for the reasons that follow it above.

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