Parental Alienation – Campaign of Denigration, checklist #1

by admin on November 6, 2010

The other parent talks negatively or disrespectfully about the other parent or encourages or allows the children to do so.

Some examples:

The programming parent may say in front of the children about the target parent “Can’t you hear what he is saying to you?  She finds you creepy.”

Finally, instead of confronting the child with the absurdity of the reasons given, the alienator may make such comments as “I respect her feelings” and “It’s important for him to speak his mind.”

And this gem:  “I am not going to punish them for their feelings about you. … If they express their feelings reasonably and rationally I am NOT going to tell them they are wrong for feeling that way, not [sic] matter how much you or I do not like that they do.”

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