Parental Alienation checklist

by admin on November 30, 2010


A. The child allies himself/herself strongly with one parent and rejects a relationship with the other, target (or alienated) parent without legitimate justification. The child resists or refuses contact or parenting time with the alienated parent.

B. The child manifests the following behaviors:

  • persistent rejection or denigration of a parent that reaches the level of a campaign,
  • weak, frivolous, and absurd rationalizations for the child’s persistent criticism of the rejected parent.

C. The child manifests two or more of the following six attitudes and behaviors:

(1) lack of ambivalence about the rejection of the target parent,

(2) independent-thinker phenomenon where the child insists that they came up with the thoughts on their own,

(3) reflexive support of one parent against the other,

(4) absence of guilt over exploitation of the rejected parent,

(5) presence of borrowed scenarios or far-fetched scenarios,

(6) spread of the animosity to the extended family of the rejected parent.

D. A duration at least 2 months for the behavior.

E. The child’s refusal to have contact with the rejected parent is without legitimate justification.  Legitimate justification means that the target parent has maltreated the child, which means, primarily, abuse.

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