Free Reign on Alienation

by admin on June 28, 2011

How about this for a situation in Florida:  You reach an agreement with your ex which is supposed to stop the alienation and interference.  It is signed by both of you, and is waiting to go before the judge.  The alienation continues.  The ex makes it even worse and the kids stop talking to you.  The judge signs the order days later.

What happens?  Everything before the judge signs is water under the bridge, a free pass.

So, the day before an order is to be signed, you can go ahead and completely trash your ex, show them letters from the attorney, lie to them, anything and it is a clean slate the following day.  Really great judicial system there.


The moral of this parental alienation story based on the Florida Courts is: if you know your order will be signed the following day, after the courts close and attorney’s offices close, completely trash you ex. Hold nothing back, let all the dirty laundry out there.  Make things up.  Plant the seeds of doubt. Destroy the other parent in the eyes of the kids.  The courts don’t care about kids.  They care about money being paid through child support and alimony.  Nothing else because it requires time and judgement which they do not have.

Prior to this (and after that) when there is no free-reign, do it subtly.  Children will revolt against cursing against the ex, however if you are subtle enough to plant doubts, it will gradually become accepted as fact.


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